Equal Opportunity Employment

The Waterloo School District is an equal opportunity employer. Personnel hiring and administration in the District shall be conducted so as not to discriminate against an applicant or employee on the basis of age, race, sex or sexual orientation, political or religious affiliation, marital status, natural origin, disability, creed, color, ancestry, arrest or conviction record, military status or any other factors provided for by state or federal laws and regulations.

If you need accommodations to apply for a position or to participate in an interview or as an employee of the District, please contact Brian Henning, District Administrator, Waterloo School District, 813 N. Monroe Street, Waterloo, WI 53594-1175 (Phone: 920-478-3633 ext. 4501).

Postings by Staff Type

Admin/Admin Support
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Contact Person:

Carleen Benninger, Payroll / Benefits Coordinator
Waterloo School District
813 N. Monroe Street
Waterloo, WI 53594-1175
920-478-3633, ext. 4504 - phone
920-478-3821 - fax