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Educator Effectiveness

Our Educator Effectiveness evaluations are put into Frontline Professional Growth (formerly My Learning Plan). You can access your Frontline Professional Growth account here. Brian Henning will give you a password, and your username is your school email address.

Frontline Professional Growth Log In Screen

Due Dates

October 6- SLO & PPG

February 2- Mid-Year SLO & PPG Reflections / Adjustments

May 11- Final SLO, PPG, Artifact Portfolios

Supporting Year vs. Summary Year

Do you need to know what you should be doing in this year of your evaluation cycle? Read this!

Danielson Rubric

When developing your Artifact Portfolio, use the 2013 Framework for Teaching rubric attached below. The rubric has four levels for each component. There are 22 total components. Each component is divided into CRITICAL ATTRIBUTES. When you create your Artifact Portfolio, it is very important that you provide evidence for enough critical attributes that will average you into a component score based on the four levels. The essential elements also appear in checkbox form in your Self-Review.Here is the DPI's Self-Review Form containing the components and essential elements your administrator will use to develop your individual component scores.

SLO / PPG Templates

When you are asked if you want to make a copy when you click the SLO and PPG templates below, click 'yes.'

PGP Template from DPI

SLO Template from DPI

Use these templates to plan your SLO and PPG in Google Sheets, so you can copy and paste it into MyLearningPlan. You must put everything into Frontline Professional Growth. At this time, the questions might not align perfectly to what's in Frontline Professional Growth (formerly MLP, but they should do for planning purposes.

New SLO Scoring Rubric

DPI SLO Resources

SLO Stem:

As a result of ______ (insert instructional practices)

these students _______ (describe which students are targeted or the focus)

will achieve/improve by/score _______ (set numeric goal)

by this time ____ (end of semester, end of year)

as measured by ________ (which assessment used).

Artifact Portfolio

Artifact Portfolio - You are primarily be responsible for providing artifacts for Domains 1 & 4. Domains 2 & 3 artifacts will come primarily from your administrator's observations. You might choose to fill in the blanks for Domain 2 & 3 with your own artifacts. Your administrator will identify critical attributes (the check boxes) for each component in order to determine an average score for that component. The average of all components will result in your Educator Effectiveness Score (1-4). Look carefully at the critical attributes for each component, and be sure that you are transparently representing the attributes with your Artifact and Evidence of Artifact Statements.

Your Artifact Portfolio must be completed by the end of your Summary Year. It is highly recommended that you don't save collecting artifacts until your Summary Year.

Frontline Professional Growth Tutorials

Click on the titles below to see videos.

Getting Started User Guide

Uploading an Artifact to a Form - SLOs and PPGs

Uploading an Artifact to the Artifact File - Artifact Portfolio

Please put your evidence statement in the box that says Description. Title each by adding the component number to each artifact title.

You can only attach one artifact to each upload. If you have more than one artifact, add another upload, and just type something in the Description like, "This is another 1b. artifact."

Other Tutorials

Here's a video showing how to upload things into Google Docs, so you can have a link to copy and paste into a document. 

Scanning Artifacts  - Use the Elementary or the IS / MS copiers for the easiest scanning. See video below.

YouTube Video

Evidence for Artifact Statements

Instructions for developing an Evidence for Artifact Statement

Workshop Materials for Each Component: Sample Evidence Statement, Artifacts, etc.

Click the component to see the rubric segment, artifact ideas and sample statements.

Artifact Ideas

Comprehensive Artifact List

Artifacts with Music in Mind

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