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Professional Growth Plan

Professional Growth Plan Goal Draft Due Date - October 6, 2017
PGP Goal Final Draft Completed - October 30, 2017
Mid-year Meeting With Jen - TBD
Draft Completed Professional Growth Plan - April 21, 2017
Completed Professional Growth Plan Final Due Date - Monday, April 30

The Professional Growth Plan is our Alternative Compensation Plan. You'll find the district document explaining the procedure for obtaining a salary increase below. Read the complete document carefully for deadlines and submission requirements. WSD will have workshops and guided work times available to work with our instructional coach Jen Mortensen. Note that teachers new to teaching will complete mentoring responsibilities and receive a salary increase.

Here is a video explaining the process, also:

Template Instructions

Click for the PGP Template. When prompted to make a copy, please do. You will share this document with your supervisor and Jen Mortensen.

Sample Professional Growth Plan

The linked Sample Professional Growth Plan does not contain artifact examples; however, you can see a basic sample to generate ideas and understand a bit of the procedure. There are evidence statements in one form. You can write your evidence statements as paragraphs, too, but you need to be sure you are using language from the rubric.

These Sample Evidence for Artifact Statements contain language from the attached Danielson rubric. Your Evidence for Artifact statements and Artifacts must represent the critical attributes contained in the three components and collaboration element you are using to demonstrate growth. Your goal is to demonstrate all of the critical attributes at a level. Your goal level is dependent upon your current level as determined by a previous evaluation and a meeting with an instructional coach and your administrator.

The Danielson Critical Attributes document contains screenshots from Teachscape of each of the components broken down into critical attributes.

Here's a video showing how to upload things into Google Docs, so you can have a link to copy and paste into a document.
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