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ELA / Reading

Mrs. Genovese

English 8 / Reading 8


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8th Grade English

  • We are collaborating on narrative stories.

  • We are revising our work to include new writing techniques.

  • Homework: Students will have a Weekly Journal. They must write at least 2 pages (front and back count as 2). It must be written in their journal notebook. Students can pick any topic. Journals are due every Monday

8th Grade Reading

  • Students are looking for new and interesting words in their books and in the world around them.

  • We picked our own books based on interest, and are searching for theme and meaning in them.

  • Homework: Students are required to read for 120 minutes each week and record it on their Reading Log. They must have a parent or guardian signature for each time that they read. Reading Logs are due every Monday.

  • Homework: Students will find 2 new/interesting words and write down the definition, part of speech, and an original sentence to show to their partners on Fridays.

Mrs. Leonard

English 7 / Reading 7


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7th Grade English:

  • Students have created their own fiction stories implementing important story elements.  Now, they are working on creating a movie based on the stories they created in order to watch these come alive!  

  • Students have a Writing Journal. This will be their homework each week. They are required to write at least 2 pages in their journals throughout the week. They are due on Mondays.

7th Grade Reading:

  • We are working on a biography unit.  Each student has chosen to independently research a person who has "beaten the odds."  Together, we are reading a biography on Jackie Robinson.  Within this unit, we are learning the important elements on non-fiction writing in order to better comprehend our reading.

  • Students have a reading log due each Monday.  They are required to read at least 100 minutes throughout the week outside of class and include a summary of what they read.

Looking for extra practice with typing?  Play nitrotype.com or go to typing.com

Wordswithfriendsedu.com is a great way to practice spelling and learn new vocabulary.  Ask Mrs. Leonard for her class code!