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ELA / Reading

Mrs. Genovese

English 8 / Reading 8


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8th Grade English

  • We are collaborating on narrative stories.

  • We are revising our work to include new writing techniques.

  • Homework: Students will have a Weekly Journal. They must write at least 2 pages (front and back count as 2). It must be written in their journal notebook. Students can pick any topic. Journals are due every Monday

8th Grade Reading

  • Students are looking for new and interesting words in their books and in the world around them.

  • We picked our own books based on interest, and are searching for theme and meaning in them.

  • Homework: Students are required to read for 120 minutes each week and record it on their Reading Log. They must have a parent or guardian signature for each time that they read. Reading Logs are due every Monday.

  • Homework: Students will find 2 new/interesting words and write down the definition, part of speech, and an original sentence to show to their partners on Fridays.

Mrs. Leonard

English 7 / Reading 7


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7th Grade English:

  • We are just beginning our poetry unit!  Within this unit, students will learn the important elements of poetry, such as imagery, figurative language, and rhythm.  We will analyze famous poems, create our own, and even present in a poetry slam at the end of the unit. 

  • Students have a Writing Journal. This will be their homework each week. They are required to write at least 2 pages in their journals throughout the week. They are due on Mondays.

7th Grade Reading:

  • We are working on a biography unit.  Each student has chosen to independently research a person who has "beaten the odds."  Together, we are reading a biography on Jackie Robinson.  Within this unit, we are learning the important elements on non-fiction writing in order to better comprehend our reading.  At the end of the unit, our now experts will teach their peers about the important person they have researched.

  • Students have a reading log due each Monday.  They are required to read at least 100 minutes throughout the week outside of class and include a summary of what they read.

Looking for extra practice with typing?  Play nitrotype.com or go to typing.com

Wordswithfriendsedu.com is a great way to practice spelling and learn new vocabulary.  Ask Mrs. Leonard for her class code!

Link for Wednesday's (4/12) English assignment: