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8th Grade

Unit 4: State and Local Politics

Unit 5: Legal System and Mock Trial

March 6 - 7: Webquest

Click on the link to open a new webquest. Follow the directions on the page.

March 8 - 9: Overview of US legal system
Section 2: pgs 348-351
Section 3: pgs 352-358

March 10: Quiz on legal system 

Week objectives/quiz study guide
What are the processes of a CIVIL CASE, CRIMINAL CASE, and JUVENILE JUSTICE
Benefits of mediation instead of a trial
describe what it means to settle a case
plea bargain
Acquittal/Hung Jury/Guilty
Juvenile Cases: neglect vs delinquency

March 13-15: Jigsaw Activity regarding types of law (civil, criminal, juvenile)
March 16: Quiz on different types of law

March 27: Landmark court case introduction

March 28-30: Examining important cases

March 31: Quiz: Landmark cases

group work survey: https://goo.gl/forms/FnNZE4qcDBB6nFak2