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VEX Robots! We are concluding this quarter with homemade robots.


Project Helmets: 
We will construct helmets using found items in an effort to protect an innocent head (2 liter bottle) from brain damage. Students will showcase their successful designs. 

Project Egg Wall
Project Helicopter/Airplane

3/10-3/18: Students will design a balloon rocket car. We will figure out which design results in the further propulsion. There will be a post-test for the STEM materials on 3/14. Also, a representative from TREK Bicycles will come to speak with students about engineering. 

Students are working on a toy car design that can safely deliver an egg from a 1.5 meter incline. Students will also be using a 3D printer to create a piece for their car. 

2/24-2/26: We are completing two days of coding to practice the technology and engineering aspects of STEM. On Friday, we will have a guest speaker from MATC.

2/8-2/23: This next unit is SO EXCITING! It has never been done before at Waterloo Middle School. We received grant money to purchase VEX robotics kits. Students will be working in small group teams to construct a working robot. We aren't sure what the final products will be, but this is going to be an interesting adventure as we find out.

1/4-1/8: Students are working on constructing an efficient and fast balloon rocket. This will be tested twice during the week. The rocket that goes the furthest and the fastest will be the winner.

This week we are redesigning toys to appeal to a target audience (elementary students). We will take a toy design and alter it to meet the expectations of our audience. 

10/26-10/30: This week students are working on their final engineering projects for STEM class. The projects will be due 11/3 and the final assessment will be on Wednesday, 11/4. 

10/19-10/23: Students are going to finish their marble run projects on Monday. Then Tuesday and Wednesday will be for finalizing their toy cars. Thursday we will put these cars to the test. Friday students begin their final projects, which will be due 11/3.

10/12-10/15: Students are continuing to design their toy cars. This week they will be designing the 3-D part in TINKERCAD and finalizing the body design.
While we wait for parts to be constructed, we will construct interesting marble run courses using paper plates and bowls.
Students taking STEM will learn about this emerging field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Much of this course is project based, and will require students to be innovative in the way to approach real world situations. 

Mrs. Hecht

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