Mrs. Steies

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 Reader's and Writers' Workshops are going strong in 2017! We continue to explore various concepts with our read aloud (Tangerine by Richard Bloor). Ask your student about the main character, Paul, and what he is up to! Students have also been practicing identifying theme in their reading. You can help support students' learning at home by discussing themes in movies you watch together!

Students are working on writing literary essays where they analyze a character from a book they recently finished reading. Students have been thinking deeply about their characters' actions and trying to determine what the character really wants in the story in order to write a strong claim.

We also have been focusing on pronouns in our writing. Students are working to use pronouns and their antecedents correctly.  They are also practicing identifying vague pronouns and rewriting sentences for clarification.

You can expect to see a worksheet weekly where students continually review various grammar concepts each week. It is due every Friday. 

Parents/Guardians should also see their student developing their own reading life by reading at least 20 minutes daily at home. We have changed to an online reading log, so you will not see paper reading logs anymore. You should still see students reading though! Thank you for your support!