Mrs. Steies

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 Reader's and Writers' Workshops are going strong in 2017!  We have begun a new read aloud, Fantastic Mr. Fox, where we are working on taking notes on important details and then will be using our notes to compare and contrast this book with the movie later this quarter.

We also are working on our poetry unit as April is National Poetry Month! We will learn about various types of poems in class and then students will be practicing writing them with a partner before taking the next step of writing each style independently! Students will end each week polishing up the poetry that they have created throughout the week and will be publishing it all in a book as we finish the unit.

Continue to support your student as they develop their own reading life at home by reading at least 20 minutes daily. We have changed to an online reading log, so you will not see paper reading logs anymore. You should still see students reading though! Thank you for your support!