Waterloo Elementary School

Principal’s Message

Waterloo Elementary School is a great place to be. We have over 320 students in grades 4K-4 who are excited about learning and regularly demonstrate their very best!

In each classroom, we have updated resources and materials that reflect current educational standards and engage students. We also have lots of access to technology. Each classroom is equipped with a SMART Board, and each grade has carts of iPads, Chromebooks, or laptops for various applications, practice, and research. Even our related-arts classes, such as PE, offer special units that kids love: rollerblading, rock climbing, snowshoeing, swimming starting at 4th grade, etc.

When providing academic instruction in the classroom, our teachers use a number of strategies to help students be successful. Often they have small groups going so that instruction can be differentiated based on student needs. Students who are struggling with a concept are able to get extra assistance during some intervention periods during the day. We monitor student growth locally through STAR assessments in early literacy, reading, and math at least three times per year. Those screening reports are shared with parents. Students who are receiving interventions are progress-monitored more frequently to gauge the effectiveness of the intervention and make adjustments as needed.

Throughout the year students have opportunities to showcase unique talents and strengthen skills in various ways outside the regular classroom: Noetic Learning Math competitions, Math 24, Southern Lakes Anthology writing and drawing, the Battle of the Books reading competition, annual Learning Fair, and our school Talent Show. At our monthly awards assemblies, we honor many students for academic achievement and growth as well as Character Education traits. We are still in the early years of implementing PBIS, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, but we are seeing great payoffs. Students are nearly always demonstrating The Waterloo Way in their behaviors and interactions with one another. The three tenets of The Waterloo Way are being responsible, respectful, and ready to learn. Students are able to tell others what that means and what it should look like.

We have a small but active Parent Teacher Organization. They support our classrooms and staff by providing innovative resources through grant opportunities, help with field trip expenses, and create and offer fun events for families throughout the year.

This year as part of health and wellness planning, we have embarked on a Scratch Food Cooking Initiative through a major Watertown Health Foundation grant. We have added a salad or vegetable/fruit bar to lunch each day, along with many more home-cooked and healthy entrees and side dishes. The students have been loving the choices available. There has been more emphasis on nutrition education, taste-testing new recipes or produce, and inviting parents/families to Come Eat with Us.

Our school has received very high scores on the State Report Card in the last few years for closing achievement gaps. I am so proud of the efforts of our hard-working students, our committed staff, and our supportive families and community! Waterloo Elementary School is a special place! Please call the elementary office if you have questions or would like more information about our school.

Mrs. Maureen Adams
Elementary School Principal

Maureen Adams

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785 N. Monroe Street, Waterloo, WI  53594
Phone: (920) 478-2168
Fax: (920) 478-9589