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General Announcements

"Pie your Principals" update:  As of February 15, we are currently at a total of 20 referrals (13 in IS and 7 in MS).  Keep in mind, we have to be under 80 for the month!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Spelling Bee! This year, we had some very difficult words, but we also had some great spellers. Congratulations to the students who participated in this year’s final round of the Spelling Bee:  Brayden Carnahan, David Clark, Chiara Chadwick, Chloe Sier, Lane McCaw, Ryan Fugate, Logan Newhouse, Logan Dolfin, Isaac Skalitzky, Stephen Davis, and Simone Schaefer.  Each of these students worked hard in their classes and in the final round to spell these challenging words.  This year, the winner is….Chloe Sier and the winning word was “Effulgent”! Brayden Carnahan, who won second place, will also be attending the Regional Spelling Bee. Congratulations to Chloe who will represent us at the Regional Spelling Bee Competition! Good luck!

Intermediate School Announcements


Middle School Announcement