Campaign Information Committee Notes

June 12, 2018

  1. Welcome, Thank You, and Introductions
    1. District Successes
    2. How we got here


  1. Review Campaign Questions for August 14


  1. Scope of Facility Campaign
    1. This is an informational campaign vs. a vote yes campaign, (communicating the facts)


  1. Financial Summary
    1. Facility Referendum budgets
    2. Tax Impact


  1. Campaign Committee Structure, Roles, and Responsibilities
    1. Take a look at the various campaign roles and determine where people can help
    2. Identify other volunteers and helpers


  1. Timeline
    1. We have 9 weeks from Vote day!!!
    2. July 23rd Public Meeting 7pm
    3. August 9th Public Meeting 7pm


  1. Next Meetings, Assignments, Tasks
    1. Schedule of future meetings for the campaign committees

Contact other volunteers and helpers for the committees


Campaign Timeline & Tasks


  • June 21st
  • July 10, 17, 24 and 31




  • Organize and direct overall campaign procedures


PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE (All information will be developed by district representative)


  • Working with the press on news stories (TV, radio, newspapers, etc.)
  • Prepare social media posts to be released daily or 3 times a week
  • Prepare news releases for local press (one/Week)
  • Develop print advertisements, radio ads and TV spots
  • Draft typical informative “letter to the editor”
  • Arrange an open house/tour of the existing facilities


  • Prepare voter “reminder” (send one week prior to election)


RESEARCH COMMITTEE (District Representative Lead)


  • Develop a list of all voters (obtained from the courthouse)
  • Enter data into computer list
  • Update voter list as information comes in from the contact committee
  • Furnish the “get the vote out” committee a list of all voters
  • Identify polling places for all voters
  • Identify community service and business organizations to arrange presentations
    • Coordinate with District, Architect & Bond Consultant



  • Use neighborhood/telephone/text canvassers to contact every household in the district
  • Keep canvasser card on everyone contacted
  • Educate/train contactors – everyone must get the same accurate information
  • Get absentee ballot information in the hands of the voters unable to get to the polls (especially college students)
  • Make sure voters are registered – give information, advise them if not registered
  • Organize child care/baby-sitting for voters to use while voting
  • Organize transportation as required to get voters to the polls
  • Call all identified informed voters and remind them to get out to vote


  • Re-contact undecided voters prior to election day to get them information
  • Make sure voters know polling places and times for the election


  • Call/text all identified voters the day of the election
  • Provide transportation/child care, if necessary, for voters




  • Educate/Train contact personnel
  • Divide into sub-groups by neighborhood and/or area or sports activity
    • Make initial contacts to determine yes/no/undecided voters
  • Determine the concerns of the no and undecided voters
    • Report findings to research and steering committee periodically
  • Send out information to absentee voters
  • Meet with local community groups/business to present campaign information


  • Recontact undecided voters prior to elections day and get them the information



Jump to a particular meeting:

November 28

December 13

January 10

Campaign Information Committee
November 28, 2017 at 6:30 PM

1. Welcome

2. Introduction

  • Community
  • Staff
  • School Board

3. Review of McKinstry Facilities Study

4. District Financial Status

5. Potential Referendum Timeline

6. Community Planning and Ideas Sharing


  1. What are the District's current characteristics or strengths that are important to maintain through the community facilities planning process?
    • Well-maintained facilities
    • Community support of schools
    • Fiscally sound, anticipated/responded to budget changes
    • Good school system/district (low discipline problems, good instruction, kids like school/staff)
    • Student comfort
    • Instill community support for athletics
    • Heat, AC, Roof that doesn't leak (sound facilities)
    • Small School Feel: Student-Teacher Ratio 1:20?
    • Modern Looking Building
    • All on one site
    • Good maintenance
    • Staffing
    • Test scores above average
    • Volleyball program
    • Successful graduates
    • Open for Pool/Fitness
  2. What are the areas of the School District'sfacilities that need consideration for improvement or changes?
    • Follow McKinstry recommendations
    • Fix roof & windows
    • HVAC
    • Security improvements
      • How much is need vs. want?
    • Restrooms
    • Storage
    • HS & Elementary vestibule
    • Technology
    • Learning environment/Classrooms
    • Athletic facilities more accessible to the public
    • Services/Tech. Ed. to encourage trades
    • Building Controls/HVAC
    • Is there a need for more classrooms?
    • Do not build "on the cheap"
    • Bathrooms (100% support)
    • Storage space
    • Drinking fountains
    • Concerns: 1-roof; 2-doors, windows/security; 3-bathrooms; 4-air/venting
  3. What are the additional facilities changes, upgrades, or space that the District should consider during the community facilities planning process?
    • Restrooms-need more, +ADA accessible/compliant
    • Athletic facility and weight room improvements needed
    • Press Box upgrade
    • Electrical Upgrade
    • Conference Room/Meeting Space
    • Performing Arts Center
    • Tech Ed CNC Machining Co-op with industry
    • Technology
    • Logical Security (Computers)
    • Auditorium
    • Find something to make Waterloo a draw from other communities-help school=increase population=better fund balance
    • Weight room/fitness center
    • Improve student pick up/drop off
  4. Other
    • ADA vs. fines requirements?
    • Behavioral health training for guidance counselor and other ED?LD?

7. Upcoming meetings

  • December 13, 2017 at 6:30 (Survey prep, Construction Management Team)
  • January 10, 2018 at 6:30 (First draft of the committee's recommendations to Board)
  • Future meetings TBD

Campaign Information Committee
December 13, 2017 at 6:30 PM

1. Welcome

2. Introductions

  • Community
  • Staff
  • School Board
  • Kramer Brothers Construction

3. Review of findings from November meeting

  • Errors and Correction
    • Tier III District
    • Fall Referendum Date
  • Lighting Project has been approved
  • Community input

4. Architect Consideration (January Board Meeting)

  • PRA
  • FEH
  • Insight Consulting
  • Dimension 4

5. Waterloo City Tax Incremental Districts

6. Waterloo School District Student Numbers

7. Community Planning and Ideas Sharing


  1. What are the questions we would like to include on a survey to the community about a referendum?
    • How often do you come to attend events and utilize the school facilities?
    • How much are you willing to Pay? How much of a tax increase are you or your family willing to pay?
    • What do our children deserve with their education and our community deserve with their school facilities?
    • What are your top 5 priorities?
    • Tax level toleration-maximum amount or what percentage or a specific number?
    • What parts of the schools do they use?
    • Is there something you'd like to see added?
    • What facilities do you utilize?
    • Benefit to community?
    • Benefit to Students?
    • Financial impact?
    • What impression do you get from our facility?
  2. Who are the groups and organizations that District Leaders need to make specific arrangements to share referendum information with?
    • Everyone:
      • Church Groups
      • Senior Citizens
      • Little Bears
      • Veterans Organizations: VFW, American Legion
      • Business Lenders
      • Parks Department
      • City Council
      • Chamber of Commerce
      • WYSO
      • Pamphlet to explain/share information w/all of public.
    • Parent groups for private schools
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • PTO-Booster Clubs - WYSO
    • Library bulletin boards-including contacts
    • WYSO
    • Park/Rec
    • City Officials
    • Churches
    • Trek
    • Girl Scouts
    • Boy Scouts
    • 4-H Clubs
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Booster Clubs
    • Lions, Masons
    • Historical
    • Alumni
    • VFW, Legion
  3. What are the items you would like the District Leaders to gather information about to share at our next meeting?
    • Impact on taxes-depending on size of referendum
    • Prioritized listing of needs/wants
    • High School Athletic uses during seasons?
    • Accessibility for student use?
    • Gym class sizes
    • How Facilities are used for the Community?
    • Value of survey?
    • What will these improvements bring in?
    • Forecasted economic impact on the city-
    • More specifics on Big ticket items
    • Numbers
    • Dollar Amount
  1. Other items to consider for the referendum?
    • Other athletic facilities?
    • Would you consider a separate building for fieldhouse/athletics?
    • Auditorium?
    • 1? Or multiple?'s

8. Upcoming meetings

  • January 10, 2018 at 6:30 with building tour at 5:30
    • Committee's recommendations to Board
    • Financial Advisor (Tax impact)
    • Survey
    • Future Meetings (TBD)

Campaign Information Committee
January 10, 2018 at 6:30 PM

1. Welcome

2. Introductions

  • Community
  • Staff
  • School Board
  • Kramer Brothers Construction
  • Carol Wirth (Wisconsin Public Finance)
  • FEH Architects

3. Review

  • Facilities Study
  • Energy Projects
  • Community Feedback

4. Review of December meeting data

5. Survey Update

6. Wisconsin Public Finance

7. FEH Conceptual Design Planning

8. Recurring Operating Funds

9 Recommendations to the Board

10. Volunteer Committee