Facilities Information

Facilities Condition Assessment

Please find the executive summary of the Facility Condition Assessment produced for the Waterloo School District by McKinstry attached below.

Historical Pictures

Waterloo High School Construction Album 1955 - Video produced by a student in Mac Chopin's class using old photos to document the building of the original Waterloo School. 

Preliminary Drawings for the Referendum

The following pictures are preliminary drawings for the referendum. One drawing highlights the outlines of an eight-hundred fifty seat auditorium, while the other highlights a three-court gymnasium and additional fitness center space.

The two projects have been priced separately, so taxpayers can see the cost of each project, but it is yet to be determined how the School Board may proceed on the actual referendum. The drawings are simply conceptual designs and don't include detail or specifics that might come further along in the process. They are meant to give people a good idea of what something might look like should it continue to evolve.

The pictures will be associated with the survey questions which will gauge peoples hypothetical support of the projects individual merit and each must stand on its own.

Gym/Fitness cost approximately 8.9 Million

Auditorium cost approximately 6.6 Million

Design Workshop Results

The following document contains drawings of possible building changes and the number of votes each design received at the Design Workshop. WSD Design Workshop