Staff Directory

Waterloo School District
813 North Monroe Street
Waterloo, WI 53594-1175

Phone: 920-478-3633

Staff email addresses are last name and first initial
Picture Name Sort descending Position Ext Contact
Adams, Maureen Elementary School Principal 1024 Email
Ahorner, Jenny Instructional Aide Email
Allaman, Lisa Ed.D. MS Spanish
2125 Email
Avila, Tina Instructional Aide Email
Bakalars, Nicole Guidance
MS Teacher
2121 Email
Bartelt, Shawn IS/MS Principal 2040 Email
Bengsch, Linda Cook 1025 Email
Bennehoff, Jennifer HS Special Education 4242 Email
Bennin, Mackenzie ES/IS/MS Art 1003 Email
Benninger, Carleen Payroll
Benefits Bookkeeper
4504 Email
Billingsley, Laurie HS Secretary 4201 Email
Birschbach, Michael 4th Grade 1017 Email
Borchert, Sarah Nurse (Ft. Healthcare) 2340 Email
Bosnak, Amanda Agriculture Teacher 4155 Email
Braatz, Deb 4K-12 PE
1043 Email
Burke, Sophie 3rd Grade 1004 Email
Burns, Megan HS Science 4130 Email
Calvert, Cory Network Administrator 8001 Email
Chopin, Michael 7-12 Technology Education 4158 Email
Dettmer, Connie Special Education 2054 Email
Diallo, Jennifer 5-8 Instrumental Music 2157 Email
Diericks, Lynette ESL 1133 Email
Dobberstein, Amanda Speech / Language Pathologist 1015 Email
Donnelly, Danielle MS Special Education 2127 Email
Donner, Brad HS Principal 4101 Email
Donner, Teresa HS Secretary
9-12 AD Secretary
4301 Email
Dose, Lynn 7-12 Business Education 4103 Email
Dragan, Deanna 1st Grade
ESL Teacher
1005 Email
Durtschi, Leah Elementary Special Education 1001 Email
Ellerman, Jan Instructional Aide Email
Epstein, Patsy Food Service Director 4100 Email
Erdman, Barb Instructional Aide Email
Erickson, Aaron Athletic, Aquatic, and Fitness Director 4143 Email
Follmer, Carmen HS Guidance 4150 Email
Fugate, Leslie PK-12 Library Media Specialist 1034 Email
Garza, Rene Instructional Aide Email
Gibson, Noah 7-12 PE 2046 Email
Hagedorn, Phil HS Science 4132 Email
Halverson, Emily Elementary Special Ed 1122 Email
Haugen, Kari Kindergarten Teacher 1011 Email
Haukness, Kirsten Band 4157 Email
Hebl, Shawn Instructional Aide Email
Hecht, Ann Middle School 2052 Email
Henning, Brian District Administrator 4501 Email
Henry, Katie HS Special Education Teacher 4142 Email
Hewitt, Jennifer 4K Teacher 1013 Email
Hoffman, Colleen 5K Teacher 1012 Email
Holden, Rachel HS Social Studies http Email
Hovde, Roger Maintenance
3203 Email
Jacobson, Sonja Remedial Reading Teacher 1028 Email
Jakel, Roni Intermediate School 1037 Email
Jones, Jeff Custodian 3204 Email
Karcher, Shannon Ed.D. Pupil Services and Special-ed Director 2120 Email
Karls, Cyndy Instructional Aide Email
Kershaw, Wanda Special Education 1030 Email
Kiehl, Diane 3rd Grade 1020 Email
Kienitz, Chelsea Middle School 2128 Email
Kirt, Joseph School Psychologist 4250 Email
Klubertanz, Dennis Health
1045 Email
Kopecky, Leah Intermediate School 2122 Email
Kopelke, Sonya 4th Grade 1019 Email
Krueger, Tammy Instructional Aide Email
Lauersdorf, Jessica Intermediate/Middle School Secretary 2140 Email
Leonard, Jessica Middle School 2129 Email
Malueg, Allison 4K Teacher 1016 Email
Marty, Mary Elementary School Secretary 1124 Email
McRoberts, Jill K-4 Spanish
4237 Email
Merfeld, Jaime nstructional Aide Email
Moe, Karen Intermediate School 2038 Email
Mortensen, Jennifer Technology Coordinator
Educator Effectiveness Coach
4231 Email
Nelson, Seth HS Math 4106 Email
Noonan, Kim Instructional Aide Email
Nute, Sergio ESL / Elementary Spanish 1031 Email
OT Occupational Therapist (CESA 5) 1102
Owen, Natalie HS English 4136 Email
Peralta, Elida Instructional Aide 3109 Email
Peterson, Sharon Business Manager 4502 Email
Poehnelt, Ashley Elementary
1006 Email
Poehnelt, Cassie Middle School 2126 Email
Porter, Jennifer 2nd Grade 1009 Email
Premo, Mary Pupil Services Secretary 2220 Email
PT Physical Therapist (CESA 5) 1002
Rauls, Taylor Intermediate School 2048 Email
Renforth, Tammy Instructional Aide Email
Sale, Krista Intermediate School 1032 Email
Scharenbrock, Shelly HS Math/Physics 4135 Email
Schimelfenyg, Emily HS English 4138 Email
Schimmel, Ken Buildings & Grounds 4171 Email
Schneider, Sarah 1st Grade 1008 Email
Schoeneman, Nancy HS Art 4109 Email
Schulenberg, Bob Custodian Email
Schultz, James Custodian Email
Schumann, Larissa Instructional Aide Email
Schumann, Scott HS Spanish
HS History
4140 Email
Schuster, Thurston PE 4107 Email
Seefeld, Shane HS Math 4108 Email
Shrader, Jordan Speech / Language Pathologist 2051 Email
Strauss, Tom 5K Teacher 1010 Email
Strong, Jamie Instructional Aide Email
Swanson, Hope 1st Grade 1007 Email
Tarnowski, Kathy Elementary School Secretary 1224 Email
Thomas, Nickolas District Network Technician 8002 Email
Ugoretz, Alex Intermediate School 2050 Email
Venden, Kaitlin 3rd Grade 1021 Email
Viken, Holli Elementary Interventionist 1033 Email
Waterman, Griffin 4th Grade 1018 Email
Wedel, Zachary HS Social Studies 4153 Email
Wegner, Ken Instructional Aide Email
Weihert, Karen Administrative Assistant 4503 Email
Wilhelmi, Sheila K-12 Music 4154 Email
Ziegler, Tia Part-time Custodian 3207 Email