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Learning Fair Returns April 29, 2015   
Students in grades K-12 are welcome to share their research in the Learning Fair this year. Formerly the Science Fair, the Learning Fair has expanded to include technology demonstrations, projects, and displays about things kids just really wanted to know more about. Please fill out a sign-up sheet and return it to the Elementary Office by Wednesday, April 22. Sign-up sheets are also available in the HS LMC.

Are you a local STEM Business?
If you are a local business that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM), and you'd like to demonstrate how your company uses STEM skills, please call Jen Mortensen at 920.478.3633 Ext. 4231 or email at mortensenj@waterloo.k12.wi.us.We'd like to have you share at our Learning Fair.

Free and Reduced English and Spanish Applications can be found on the Lunch Menu Tab.

Technology Notice:  Students in 5th through 12th grades are able to use their own technology devices for educational purposes at school.  Please read the BYOD letter for more information. Also visit the Library Media tab on the web site for additional technology information and resources. BYOD Parent Letter (español)

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