9th Annual AP District Honor Roll Recipient
High School students in stands at football game
This year will be incredible!
Teachers posing in super hero clothes
Students working in pairs at sorting
Student holding flower at Multicultural Family Night
3rd grade student holds worm on field trip
Student giving thumbs-up during rainy track meet
Students holding up their papers in class.
Picture of three young boys making a jack-o-lantern.
Picture of a student inflating a soap bubble on a chemistry lab table with a straw.

Phone System Issues and Workaround

The auto attendant on the District's phone system is currently experiencing a problem where it will sometimes register key presses twice.  This makes it hard to navigate the menu or dial extensions.  We are working to fix this problem as quickly as possible, but in the mean time, please try pressing ZERO for the operator if you are having trouble reaching someone through the main District number or dial the ES/IS/MS Office at 920-478-2168 or 920-478-2696, which are direct lines.