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Architect's drawing of new gym and commons area


The Waterloo School District passed a referendum to improve district facilities on August 14, 2018. We have provided a timeline, facilities information, and meeting notes in order to continuously update our community and families on details of the referendum and where to go with further questions.

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    Committee List

    Maureen Adams Shawn Bartelt
    Carrie Besl Edward Billings
    Jackie Billings Angela Byers-Krantz
    Cory Calvert Mac Chopin
    Otto Degler Jeremy Dolfin
    Vicky Dolfin Brad Donner
    Bill Farrey Bobbi Forman
    Laurie Freund Ben Freund
    Diane Graff Gabe Haberkorn
    Brian Hebl Shawn Hebl
    Anthony Heller Brian Henning
    Jess Jaehnke Joe Jaehnke
    Eugene Kegler Ruby Kegler
    Tim Koel Brian Koele
    Natasha Lang Jess Lauersdorf
    Janet Linder Mary Marty
    Daniel Meyer Alfred Otte
    Sharon Peterson Cory Powers
    Katy Powers Rick Ring
    Kim Sampo Kevin Sampo
    Sarah Schneider Jason Schoenwetter
    Craig Setz James Setz
    Karen Stangler Steve Stangler
    Deb Stein Tom Strauss
    Nancy Thompson Doc Voelker
    Karen Weihert  

    Involved Companies

    Kraemer Brothers

    FEH Design

    Wisconsin Public Finance