Q: Where do I park? Which door do I enter?
A: Please park in the upper (high school) parking lot and enter through the main high school doors (Door 31). Once in the High School lobby, take an immediate right down a long hallway. Fitness Center is located on the 3rd door on the right. Pool lobby is at the end of the hallway. Community Room is the second door on the right.

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Fitness Center members should plan to bring clean, separate pair of workout shoes. Swimmers should come 'swim ready' so that locker room congregation time is minimal. Water fountains are available to fill your water bottle if needed. Please bring only necessities into the building. Please leave valuables locked in your car.

Q: Are there lockers available?
A: We do have lockers available for swimmers in the pool locker rooms. Lockers are intended for daily use only; do not leave your belongings locked for extended use. We have a few cubbies in the Fitness Center to store minimal items such as keys and 'street shoes'.  Please leave all valuables locked in your vehicle. 

Q: I see that you are requiring online sign up for my workout time for both the Fitness Center and the Pool. How do I do this? 
A: Buy a Fitness Center or Community Pool package or book your workout/swim times here first. (You will not be able to book a spot until you pay for a day pass or package first.) On our booking site waterloo.ezfacility.com, you will see the upcoming 48 hours of available classes and time slots. Only the upcoming 48 hours are open for booking. If you need assistance with getting set up in EZFacility, please reference this handout. If you need additional assistance, our Pool & Fitness Center Director can assist you through this process, either in person or on the phone (920-478-3511).

Q: How do I schedule my workout time if I don't have a smartphone/access to a computer?
A: Please contact the Pool & Fitness Center at 920-478-3511. We will manually enter you in the system.

Q: Do I need an ID badge? How do I get in the building?
A: Our facility is always staffed during our open Fitness Center & Pool hours so the doors are unlocked. If you are coming to see us during the school day, but when our Fitness Center & Pool are closed, please contact our Pool/Fitness Center Director at (920) 478-3511 for assistance.

Q: Is there an app I can use on my phone or tablet?
A: Yes! Keep in mind, the app is intended for 1 user only (you), so you will not be able to access your connected family members through the app (if applicable). Also, you must create a username and password in the Self Service Portal FIRST (go to waterloo.ezfacility.com) as you will use this username and password to log in on the app. If you do not have a username and password created, the app will not work.

IPhone Users: Go to your App Store, search for MemberMe+.  Install then open the app. Allow for notifications and permissions. Click on the menu in the top left corner, go to Settings. Click on 'Log In'. Enter in the same user name and password you created for the self service portal. Go to 'Schedule' to book your workout time. Enjoy!
Android Users: Go to Google Play, search for MemberMe+.
Install then open the app. Allow for notifications and permissions. Click on the menu in the top left corner, go to Settings. Click on Log In. Enter in the same user name and password you created for the self service portal. Go to 'Schedule' to book your workout time. Enjoy!

Q: How do I get notified if the Community Pool or Fitness Center need to cancel due to weather, etc?
A: Download our app (see step above)! We have the capability to send out push notifications to our members if our facility should need to close down unexpectedly. This is a really nice feature to reach our members very quickly.

Q: I want to buy a daily pass. Can I do that online? What if I don't have online access?
A: No worries! Go to waterloo.ezfacility.com to access our Self Service Portal to pay and book your spot online. If paying in person is easier for you, please bring cash or check (made out to Waterloo School District). Please see our rate sheet for pricing. Please be prepared to fill out a payment envelope with the Fitness Center Attendant or Lifeguard with your name, phone number, and email address so that we can add you to our system.

Q: I want to be shown around the facility. I also would like orientation to the fitness center equipment. Will someone be available to help me? 
A: Yes! Please connect with Janessa Henning, Pool & Fitness Center Director first ([email protected] or (920) 478-3511) to set up an orientation appointment. Janessa Henning is a Licensed Athletic Trainer with 20+ years of sports medicine, rehab, and exercise programming experience. Our friendly Fitness Center Attendants are also a great resource if you need to ask general questions about our equipment or exercise needs.

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