Academic and Career Plan

Waterloo School District's Academic and Career Plan (ACP)

What is ACP?

Academic and Career planning is a student-driven process to help all students in grades 6-12 become college and career ready. These personal programs of study align with Waterloo High School's graduation requirements, students' personal goals as well as postsecondary and career goals for after high school.

What is the ACP Model? Know-Explore-Plan-Go

Know-Who Am I

  • Self-awareness activities
  • Individual reflection and goal setting

Explore-What do I want to do?

  • Middle School career exploration activities and assessments
  • High School career exploration activities and assessments
  • Understanding and comparing different postsecondary education and training options

Plan-How do I get there?

  • Instructional activities to explore and learn more about various fields of interest
  • Identifying student specific programs of study to help plan courses during high school career
  • Extra-curricular and community-based learning experiences
  • Visits with reps and advisors from colleges throughout the state
  • Postsecondary training options
  • Financial plan to cover cost of postsecondary training

Go-Do IT!

  • Update and review plan on a regular basis
  • modify or change sequence of course work throughout high school career
  • modify or change personal goals
  • modify or change postsecondary or career goals
  • continuous dialog with teachers, parents and counselors.

What does the plan look like at each grade level?

Grade level Academic and Career Planning Services
6th Career exploration in Guidance Class
7th Career Awareness Course - (1) term
Please see the course guide for more information.
8th Career Awareness Course - (1) term
Please see the course guide for more information.
9th Small group meetings with school counselor at the start of second semester.
10th Career Skills and Personal Finance Course - (1) term each
11th Junior and Parent Planning meeting-spring semester
12th Senior meetings 1-on-1 with the School Counselor, Financial Aid meeting for seniors and parents-fall semester

What career software are we using?

Waterloo School District is using Xello for our academic and career planning software.

When will Academic and Career Plans be reviewed?

Academic and Career Plans will be reviewed on a yearly basis during the classes listed above, small group meetings or individual conferencing. ACP reviews may also take place during advisory (6th-8th grade), WEBS (9th-12th grade) as well as during parent teacher conferences.

Who are the members of the Waterloo School District ACP team?

Brian Henning, Superintendent
Carmen Follmer, School Counselor
Christina Mabra, School Counselor
Lynn Dose, Business and Careers teacher
Jen Mortensen, Instructional Technology Coordinator/Educator Effectiveness Coach
Libby Holzhueter, community member from Jim's Cheese
Amanda Bruekner, community member from Karl Junginger Memorial Library
Deb Stein, WSD Board Member

For more information, please contact Christina Mabra or Carmen Follmer, school counselors at Waterloo School District.

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